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Hi! I’m Carol, and I’m so excited to share Epicure with you. Since we are so new in the US most people haven’t even ever heard our name before, but man, do we have something awesome to share…. GOOD Food, Real FAST!When you pair Epicure with fresh ingredients and pantry staples you get magic! Healthy and delicious can also be fast… You don’t have to sacrifice hours in the kitchen, your wallet or your health to make delicious food!

Epicure can be broken down into 4 main categories:

1) Themed Meal Kits

2) Individual Meal Solutions

3) Curated Collections

4) Cookware

The meal kits and collections come with EVERYTHING you will need to pull off many dinners, including recipe cards, epicure ingredients and even organized grocery lists! Here’s my website to browse/learn more and shop 😉 If you’d like a paper catalog click here and fill out the form, I’ll get one sent to you ASAP!

Mrs. Shucks Pearls

JoAnna is a super busy boy mom that shucks real pearls from real oysters! Even better, she also carries jewelry cages of unique shapes, and bangles, bracelets and necklaces to put them on! Her website is under construction, but you can still visit her Facebook Page to see some really cool videos of what she does, and contact her for some stunningly unique gifts!

Color Street

Hello everyone! My name is Amanda and I am a stylist with Color Street!

Color Street nail strips are made of 100% nail polish. They are super easy to apply! They are made with a base coat, color, and top coat of high quality nail polish! You get the best nail polish in a variety of colors, glitters, and patterns without having to wait for them to dry! Also, these nail strips are made entirely in the USA!

Online Pricing: Nail sets range from $11-$14. All Solids, Glitters, and Art Designs are Buy 3 Get 1 Free! All French Tips are Buy 1 Get 1 Free! Shipping is $3 flatOn-hand Pricing:Solids $11, Glitters $12, Nail Art $13, French $14. FREE shipping!! No taxes!!

You can purchase from me directly with my on-hand supply or shop from my Color Street Catalog!

WyKnott Candle Shop

Hello everyone, my name is Chris Fisher, and I create aromas!I have lived in Cheyenne for 3 years now, and have made some very special friends.

I create candles, incense and accessories, and my infamous chew can car fresheners. You can visit my website here, and like my Facebook page here. Thanks for meeting us!

Rodan + Fields

Hi! My name is Amber and I have THE BEST skincare, Rodan + Fields!! Hit me up Facebook Messenger for some FREE goodies to try out!! And check out my website to see all of the amazing Holiday Specials!


Hello! My name is Tasha and I’m here to share one of my favorite things with you, Thirty-One! There is nothing more important to me than family, and Thirty-One has offered so many solutions to make life easier, healthier, sustainable and stylish. That’s a lot to fit in one bag! 😉 I began my Thirty-One business to bring in more income as a single mother of two beautiful children, after I discovered how valuable and versatile Thirty-One bags and gifts are! Be the first to know about exclusive specials in my Facebook VIP group at WyoGirl Totes, and see all there is to see at my website! Thanks for joining me!


Hello! My name is Kelli and I am an Independent Scentsy Consultant. You can visit my website here!


Welcome everyone!! My name is Eleanor and I am your Tupperware consultant for the Thankful for You!! A little about me. I am married to my husband Kenneth. We have been married for 9 years and together for 27! We have 3 children and 6 grandchildren.

I am a Medical Biller and a Tupperware manager. Please feel free to ask me ANYTHING!! LET’S HAVE SOME FUN AND LEARN A LITTLE ABOUT WHAT TUPPERWARE HAS TO OFFER. ğŸŽˆ 😉 💋

Click this Party link to visit my website, and join my Facebook VIP group to stay in the know!

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This pandemic had me feeling a bit separated from my beautiful friends and family! So I invited them to do a free online event to support their small businesses during a trying time! This “mall” will be open until at least December 15th!

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